About Us

In 1998, we embarked on a journey to introduce into the Malaysian market a new concept in the world of technology namely WEBSITE DESIGNING & PRINT DESIGNING.

Our company, Neudimenxion, was set up by individuals who had a vision and determination to assist Malaysians in their quest for advancement via the use of the WEB & GRAPHICS. It is managed by individuals with various certifications in Information Technology, Economics and Business Administration.

Until presently, Neudimenxion has expanded its product innovation into the fields of multi language displays, payment gateway and e-commerce set up, 3D animation, multimedia & video production, web based content management systems such as the electronic marketing engine, hotel management systems with e-commerce, human resource management systems, large scale multimedia reporting system, conference systems with e-commerce and much more.

Neudimenxion thrives on new ideas brought about by the needs of its clients as well as on its own creative concepts highlighted from annual market research and open development ideas.

Last but not least, Neudimenxion’s lifeline is supported by a most capable & dedicated team of young and vibrant individuals with certifications in various fields in multimedia & information technology and together we are Neudimenxion!

Our Philosophy:

NeuDimenxion's philosophy consists of four processes, each is unique but when combined, makes a business a true success on the web!


A website and web based application should be an extension of a business, the business' access to the world. To create this on-line image for the company,NeuDimenxion takes the time to explore the goals and expectations of each company to help map out the company's direction on the internet.


NeuDimenxion builds functional web sites and web based applications with the company's identity and objectives in mind. Each site is arranged with the goal of enabling more people to find the company's website. Sites and applications are developed in easy to follow, easy to navigate format, exposing optimal information to the company's desired market and also for the company.


Exposure is the key to success in today's market. NeuDimenxion has done the research on search engines and continues to gather information to stay on the edge of this ever changing technology. After building each site, we will submit key information to the top search engines such as Yahoo, Google, making access to websites easier for a larger population. There are many ways to continue promotion, but search engines are the first and one of the most important steps in getting new visitors.


Maintaining a website and web based applications is an ongoing project. NeuDimenxion will continue to keep clients' information updated, because the purpose of a web site is to have accurate, most up-to-date information accessible to the world. Reports on website hit statistics may be sent to clients upon request, entailing the progress of each site or sites.